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“I was having problems with my garage door opener and it was still under warranty. I called Affordable Garage Doors because they had installed it earlier this year. Turns out my garage door opener was hit by a power surge and they replaced it for me with no questions asked. Highly Recommended”

thumb_01_60_60John Lee

Great Customer Service

“I had already called a couple of other companies but when Dave came out I instantly knew that this was the company that I was going to go with.He was on time and very polite and knowledgeable. Thanks for the great work Dave! Call Affordable Garage Doors for all your garage door needs!”

thumb_01_60_60Walter Myers


“My old wooden doors were falling apart and I needed to spruce things up a bit. I called several companies before deciding to go with Affordable Garage Doors. They installed 2 new carriage doors and the house looks like a million bucks.The technician was polite, courteous and very efficient in getting the job done.”

thumb_01_60_60Michelle Anderson

Courteous and very efficient

“I called these guys because my car was stuck in my garage. They scheduled me for an emergency service call and showed up within 45 minutes. They quickly diagnosed the problem and got me a price to make the repairs. I told them I had to go and they could go ahead and fix the door and close everything up when they were finished.”

thumb_01_60_60Alberto Ruiz

Trustworthy and fast

“I recently moved into a new home and there was no garage door opener. I immediately called around looking for prices to have one installed because I use the garage door as my front door like most middle-class families. I ended up going with Affordable Garage Doors because they were local to St. Augustine and was very glad I did.These guys were great. Thanks alot Affordable Garage Doors!”

thumb_01_60_60Samuel Smith

Fast & Great

“I woke up yesterday and tried to open my garage door to get my car out when I heard a very loud noise. It really scared me and the door wouldn’t open. Affordable Garage Doors sent Robert out about 2 hours later and he installed 2 new springs. It sounds so much better than it did before. Fast, friendly and dependable! Thanks a lot Affordable Garage Doors!”

thumb_01_60_60Mary Jenkins

Highly Recommended

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